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The first year is filled with so many emotions, so much to learn and to plan…planning doctor appointments, playdates..naps! The one thing that is definitely the most enjoyable to plan has got to be the first birthday. We LOVE LOVE LOVE birthdays here at the studio. When else is it completely normal to put a pile of sugar in front of your child and cheer on as they demolish it!! ūüôā

We’ve known this little guy since birth, and his parents are just the sweetest couple. Check out those matching shirts?? Does it get any cuter???

Happy Birthday Tristan!!

-From Angela & Sarah



I am finally back from maternity leave! Boy, is it so different with 2! Chaotic and I definitely live day to day, but it’s so much fun. I cant wait for all the adventures we will be having as they get older. I couldn’t wait to show off our amazing newborn shots. Angela has such a gift, newborn sessions are so much fun. It’s so different being on the other side of the camera! Angela and Briana really just take care of everything and we got¬†to sit back and relax. It’s nice not to have to do the thinking, mostly within days of having a baby!

Logan, our newest addition, was 1 week when we did these images. I was so afraid that he would scream and not settle for the portraits, and what does he do? Sleep, the ENTIRE session!! I swear we must pump special baby air through the studio. ūüôā We did some fun music stuff for my husband, and I was really looking for that amazing shot with big brother. To say we got those shots is an understatement, they exceeded our expectations! Now back to grinding down that to-do list! Which is never ending, but hey – I wouldn’t have it any other way!


If you’ve been with us a few years, you know our second favorite event of the year is Bunny weekend! Real baby bunnies, mini-sessions, outdoors (weather permitting), it doesn’t get much better than that. This year we will be having our Easter mini-sessions on March 24, 25 and 26. Session fees are $35, and $10 for each additional child. We have packages and a la carte available. Along with special easter pricing and full access to the entire product line we normally have. We always try to come up with a few special products just for Easter also, so keep your eyes open for those.

These spots fill up fast, and this year we even made it a 3 day event. So be sure to book yours soon. To make it super easy you can book online, or via calling us at 210-265-5195. For more information on pricing and details visit our website,

You bring¬†the kiddos, we’ll bring¬†the peppy assistants and baby bunnies! ¬†See you there!!

Easter mini sessions

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With us being right outside of San Antonio, in Selma/Schertz area,¬†we always underestimate how many know of our location. But then we talk to random people, and they immediately say “Oh yeah! Your right on the access road with the banners!”. It’s so much fun hearing how everyone loves when we put up new banners, I think it’s a highlight for some people! Well, we just put up our brand news one for¬†2017. This time, it’s SENIOR SEASON and it’s almost over!! So all you seniors out there don’t wait too long, graduation sneaks up on your fast! Class of ’17, call now to book your senior portraits, and don’t forget to get the details on hair & makeup or going on location.


brand new banners!

Babies may be our specialty but we love our High School Seniors!! The fall is perfect to start thinking about your senior portraits, on location or studio, either option is available to you. We work with an amazing hair and makeup stylist, so girls don’t worry at all, we got you covered!! She meets you here at the studio right before the session. Also, it’s so much fun to incorporate formal dresses, any activities like band, cheerleading, hobbies.

We have tons of details for you, for more information call the studio at 210-265-5195.

Angela Lynn Portraits Senior Session

Angela Lynn Portraits Senior Session

We do a lot of events throughout the year, and the one that everyone asks about all the time, is our Santa!! It’s the biggest production we have¬†and takes months to plan.

Announcing: The 2016 set for Santa Sessions at Angela Lynn Portraits. This year’s theme is “Santa’s Toy Room”

Santa Sessions / Angela Lynn Portraits / San Antonio Photographer Santa Sessions – Angela Lynn Portraits – San Antonio

Santa Sessions / Angela Lynn Portraits / San Antonio Photographer

November 11, 12 & 13th. (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) Our Santa Session are typically only on Saturday and Sunday, but this  year, we added Friday. Aside from being able to have your portraits taken with Santa at the studio, we also have other things going on for the kiddos:

It’s not a christmas event without a Christmas movie! *¬†Coloring station *¬†Christmas list activity for the little ones to give their Wish list to Santa. *¬†Cookies…lots and lots of cookies!!*¬†All the classic Christmas songs to get you into the spirit!¬†

Santa¬†session fees are $35 and $10 for each additional child. Packages will start at $175.¬†This is a great time to do your holiday cards, so parents and 4-legged family members are more than welcome to jump in at no charge.¬†We do a variety of images including some without Santa¬†. Digital and print packages are available, but we also have collages, albums, and Christmas cards.¬†We recommend colors that will go with our red and white scene: striped pajamas, plaid shirts or pjs, green, silver, or black. Be careful of red clashing with Santa.¬†For a full pricelist, please visit¬†for more details on pricing. On our Santa website, you’ll also find a gallery of past years.¬†Aside from seeing Santa at our studio, the best part is you view the portraits immediately following your session! Call 210-265-5195 to book yours.¬†See you at Santa Weekend!!

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We were over the moon for baby Lachlan. ¬†He was a photographer’s dream. ¬†I know we always make it look easy, but it’s actually not as easy as it looks. ¬†Having all the right tools to make sure we have a sleepy and relaxed baby is important. ¬†The keys to making that happen are: a well-fed baby, keeping the area warm, keeping a constant white noise, and a lot of patience. ¬†I am so blessed to have two assistants in our session and we work together so well. ¬†This comes as a huge advantage to our clients because they really just need to sit back and relax. ¬†Do you know how many dads fall asleep on the couch during a session?? I am starting a library of sleeping dads!! angelalynnportraits-newbornmoonimage

The minute our Santa sessions are done, there is one question that is on everyone’s mind…what is next years set???? So we wanted to share a sneak peak of the set with you guys. It helps a ton to start thinking of what outfits to have your kiddos wear with Santa. This year are leaning towards, blues, silvers, grays, blacks. Pretty much you just want to avoid plaid & red. If you have never done Santa Sessions with us, you don’t know what your missing!!! It’s a weekend of music, movies, giggles, Christmas cards and ton of cookies!!

This years set is Santa’s Toy Room!

If you would like to get more information on our Santa Weekend, you can email us at, or you can visit our very special Santa website at This website is packed full of Santa Portraits from years past, pricing, and helps to answer some questions. You can reach us at 210-265-5195 with any additional questions, or BOOK NOW here.




He’s collecting his lists, so he can check them twice. Santa is scheduled to stop by Angela Lynn Portraits Nov 11,12&13. Can you believe Christmas is already creeping up on us. Busy bee’s at the studio we are already getting ready for our favorite time of year, when Santa comes! At Angela Lynn Portraits we always go over the top but in the best way possible.When you arrive there will be classic christmas movies on for the kids, holiday music, cookies,coloring and of course santa. Make sure to tell your little ones to bring their lists and favorite holiday book. Santa loves to read and spend one on one time before getting their portraits taken on one of our beautiful custom holiday scenes. After your time with santa we have options to view and purchase packages onsite or by a scheduling an appointment. This holiday we have print packages starting at $169, custom christmas cards and always a special secret holiday product. So skip the long lines and come celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with us at Angela Lynn Portraits.


We get as excited as our clients do when it’s Pickup Day. Just like unwrapping Christmas gifts, it’s exciting and emotional and you just find yourself wanting to stand back and stare at the pieces.¬† Here is a family session at one of our favorite locations. Before she came and picked up, I had to snap a shot real quick – I just love all of her pieces so much.¬† Mom gets an A+ for styling!!

This is one of our Gallery Blocks, a 3-dimensional solid wood collage that goes on the wall unframed. You’ll also notice our USB towards the bottom, files have been getting so popular. The desire for files is a cross between; wanting to have the images forever, wanting to share them with family, and wanting to not be limited to the possibilities of your walls. You can add anything to your walls whenever you want.




Portraits on North Padre – July 2nd & 3rd

San Antonio is only 3 hours from the beach, so why not?? Family portraits is the thing that falls to the bottom of the list, and I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love family portraits with the sunsets. We are going July 2nd and 3rd. The session fee is $150 is due when booking. Since this is out of town the session fee is non-refundable.

Wall portraits are the most popular items from beach portraits, and when you have so many favorites, our albums are the go to.

Share with friends and family!

Lets all go get some sun!!




If there’s one thing Texas is, it’s proud of our Bluebonnets!

We anxiously wait through the months to see what kind of bloom there will be and this year did not disappoint!

Although the rain wanted to have it’s own say…

Luckily after a few times of having to reschedule -SORRY- our sessions came out amazing.




See you next year Bluebonnets!!

-Angela Lynn Portraits

Bunny weekend 2016 was a huge success. Great weather, adorable kiddos and our assistants got smart and finally wore kneepads!! ūüėČ We love being able to watch our studio babies grow up and see how they have changed and developed their own personalities. Thanks for letting us be a part of your life!!

When it comes to Easter portraits with our baby bunnies, I think this is our favorite Easter set yet. Incase of bad weather we always have our studio, but we always hope and hope for beautiful weather and this was probably the best. Cool, breezy and not too sunny! Photographers dream.


Senior sessions are in effect!! Meet Laura! She is as beautiful in real life as she is in these portraits. The crazy thing, is that I photographed her boyfriend’s senior pics about a year ago and his were so amazing, I was hoping I could top those. Well, I think I did!! What was so cool, is that they both stopped by the studio one day on the fly to see that we had printed a huge banner of her. Usually we print the best of the best for our banners once a month. When I am done, I gift the banner to my client. But my favorite part is when they come by to take a “selfie” with their banner!!