award-winning SAN ANTONIO NEWBORN photographer

Over the Moon Newborn Session

We were over the moon for baby Lachlan.  He was a photographer’s dream.  I know we always make it look easy, but it’s actually not as easy as it looks.  Having all the right tools to make sure we have a sleepy and relaxed baby is important.  The keys to making that happen are: a well-fed baby, keeping the area warm, keeping a constant white noise, and a lot of patience.  I am so blessed to have two assistants in our session and we work together so well.  This comes as a huge advantage to our clients because they really just need to sit back and relax.  Do you know how many dads fall asleep on the couch during a session?? I am starting a library of sleeping dads!! angelalynnportraits-newbornmoonimage