Was it just us, or did the summer fly by? Hard to believe the kids are already back in school. Before we know it the holidays will be here. It’s already kicked into family portrait season over here. We love visiting with our families again & seeing how they have all grown so much. Our clients just do not know how much we love them letting us be a part of their life. We truly appreciate all of our clients!!!

As you gear up for the fall, don’t forget Santa is around the corner.
NOVEMBER 13, 14, 15
Thats right, for the first time ever we have added FRIDAY!!!! Don’t wait to call, book it early, 210-265-5195.



One of my favorite things, is to share activities of things to do with the kiddos. My 2.5 yo son is such an active little boy. He keeps me on my toes, and I love finding new places to take him to help get all that energy out. So here is the first installment of:

This suggestion comes with a huge stamp of approval from Angela.

This weekend is the grand opening of the BRAND NEW children museum “The Doseum“. Angela took her kids here and they LOVED it. I cannot wait to take my son. This sounds like a great outing for kids of all ages. In fact, Angela says it’s so large that you will probably need two days to see everything. Way to San Antonio for getting such an awesome summer activity for the kiddos!!

Go here to buy tickets


Moms are the best!

mothersdayAll that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother. – Abraham Lincoln

Moms are the best. They give the best hugs; take care of you the best; have the best kind of fun; laugh the best; are the best listeners; have the best love for their kids. We love our moms. It’s only right that they deserve the best. And for some, it’s the best year to celebrate because it’s their first year being a mom! Congrats!

Spend this holiday gifting a mom you know something fun and exciting. Gift cards for portraits and sessions are available for purchase. Call us to order one now! (210)265-5195

Hope your Mother’s Day is filled with the best kind of surprises!




Giving Back: Mobile Loaves & Fishes

mlf-logo-2011We have really met some amazing people in all the years we’ve had our studio. Lisa Morgan is no exception. We’ve recently discovered she’s involved in an amazing charity that promotes the community supporting those in need.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes started in 1997 as a small group of six men passing out sandwiches to the hungry from the back of a Suburban in Austin, Tx. Soon after becoming an official non-profit organization, the founders partnered with Lisa Morgan her friend Karen Bell to expand the franchise to San Antonio at the church of St. Mark the Evangelist. Since it’s inception,  the organization has expanded into 5 different major cities and has served over 4 million meals.

To learn more about the organization, check out their website at

MLF  lunch truck

Did you know we do Custom Framing?

Custom Framing

Having portraits taken is always a special experience. That little added detail can make it mean even that much more. It can be difficult to find the perfect frame to make your portrait shine. Our studio is proud to offer custom framing from some of the top companies in the U.S. When you buy a portrait from us, we’ll spend time helping you choose the perfect one. Not to mention, you’ll also receive a 10% discount on the frame you choose.

For more information on our custom framing, contact us at

Must do’s for spring break by Sarah

If you guys are like me, I see days off and think to myself I need to plan events. My son has so much energy that I need to harvest it!! Staying cooped up is not an option, he belongs outdoors! The weather is predicted to be..well…Texas weather. All seasons in one week. Here is a list of a few of our favorite things to do, inside and outside.

Kid & Mommy approved!!

San Marcos Wooden Playground

This is a HUGE playground, and very nicely shaded as well. It’s perfect because you don’t feel like you have to chase them all the way up to the top. Plenty of areas for them to run around. Perfect for picnics as well. Definitely a good option for Thursday or Friday, as those have the best scenarios for beautiful days. It’s in San Marcos, so worth the small drive.

Inflatable Wonderland

In Rolling Oaks Mall there is a kids play place, Inflatable Wonderland. It’s surprisingly a really neat place. It has an area for older kids, toddlers, a food court and a huge theater area. I am very particular about cleanliness and have seen some horrendous places….but this one is nice. Always seems to be rearranged, which to me, makes me feel confident that there is nothing hiding around any corners! My little guy has loved this place for quite some time. In fact, this is where he walked for the first time! They have the coolest moon bounces. Makes me wish they had one for adults!


Lets face it, going out to eat with kids is virtually impossible. Trying to take bites of food, that is now cold, while your child is screaming and grabbing for the salt shaker, all while trying to tell the waitress that you need more napkins…many more napkins, is not the idea of fun. We have sworn off going out to eat so many times, yet we keep trying. One of our favorite places to take our son is Grimaldi’s. You wouldn’t think this place was kid-friendly, but i’ll tell you what did it for us. They brought out some dough for him to play with!  On it’s own little pizza saucer. It was the neatest thing! He had a blast and while the food does take awhile to come out, that dough occupied him the entire time. What kid doesn’t love pizza! :) Great time to get creative with toppings and see what they like. Discovered my son likes Ricotta. He’s loves his cheese..:)


Enjoy your spring break!!


We can’t get enough!

You would think we get bored with newborns since we do them so often, but that is so far from the truth! Every session is different and we can’t get enough of these babies. We almost can’t keep up with getting the next scene set up. Having an assistant in the session is so vital!

All of the babies are so sweet and are the best models, this little one was no exception. She let us do quite a lot with her, I don’t even know which ones are my favorite, I love them all! We can’t wait to see the beautiful Newborn art that Mom & Dad did from their session. What better art subject than such a beautiful baby.