It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Written by: Angelica

Santa Mini Session Recap 2014

While Thanksgiving is only merely days away, it isn’t unusual to see Good Ole St. Nick peak his head out to see what is going on with those on the Naughty and Nice list.

We had so much fun a few weekends ago photographing moments between families and their little ones as they visited with the Jolly Man. The studio was packed and busy, abuzz with excitement and joy as kids colored, ate cookies, and watched holiday movies in anticipation of their time with Santa. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite photos together to share with you!

And don’t worry. It’s never a Christmas without a few not so merry encounters with the Claus, but those are photos to save for another time. (Keep your eyes peeled!)

Here comes Santa Claus | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

Written by: Angelica

Santa Pictures from 1920s Macy's

This year has just flown by! Now that Halloween has passed, we’re in full swing for the winter holidays. Retailers are eager and anxious, placing all of their red and green festive holly out to get everyone ready to decorate their homes. And before we know it, little ones and their families will be lining up at our local malls to share a sacred moment with the dear old St. Nick. With our own Santa picture scenes around the corner, we got to talking about our own memories of going with our siblings to share with the jolly old man our wishes for holiday gifts. It made me pull out old photo albums to find one. Funny enough, all the memories I have of taking pictures with Santa were far more prophetic than the few times we actually did take pictures at the mall. It’s funny what you remember from when you were a kid. Thankfully, we have come really far when it comes to Santa sets. The black and white picture above is from Macy’s in 1925. The picture of my siblings and I was nearly 70 years later and you can still see the racks of clothes in the background. I can’t wait to set up Santa’s workshop with Angela and Sarah. It’ll truly be a Winter Wonderland.

~ Angelica

Angelica Sibling Santa Picture from Christmas 1993

Angelica pictured here with her brother, sister, and Santa

Don’t miss out! We’re still taking reservations for Santa pictures for the weekend of November 15th & 16th.

Call 210-265-5195 to book.


Written by: Sarah


We hope you love seeing some of our favorites because we LOVE giving you sneak peaks. Heres a glimpse of one of our latest maternity portraits. This mom was such a trooper and let us do so many fun and crazy things! :) To pick just one favorite was nearly impossible!! Get the tissues ready!

Halloween Kid Crafts | Ariel’s Sea Spiders

Written by: Angelica


It’s common practice in the studio that we talk about our love of Disney. So, it only seems natural that we’d want to share a fun activity for you and your kids to celebrate the spooky holiday that comes from the Mouse himself!

Find the original link to this craft created by Disney here.


Ariel’s Sea Spiders

When it comes to being spooky, the spiders that inhabit the Little Mermaid’s watery world have at least one leg up on the typical landlubber arachnid. Their appendages are extra spindly, which makes them well equipped to crawl amongst the marine plants and animal colonies that live on the sea floor of Atlantica. Like the real sea spiders they’re modeled after, these long-legged critters are black and orangey — just right for adding a creepy touch of color to your household come Halloween.


What You’ll Need

  • Pipe cleaners (black and orange)
  • Small pony beads


How To Make It

Ariel's Sea Spiders Step 1


1. For each spider, gather 4 pipe cleaners in a bunch. Bend the bunch in half and then tightly twist the section near the fold several times to shape a slender spider body.



Ariel's Sea Spiders Step 2


2. Separate the pipe cleaner ends to create the spider’s legs.




Ariel's Sea Spiders Step 3


3. Slide a couple of beads onto each leg and push them up close to the body. Then bend each leg an inch from the body and slide a couple more beads up to the joint. Bend the legs again to create a second set of joints about 1 1/2 inches from first and slide on the final pairs of beads.

My Little Pumpkin Session | San Antonio Photographer

Written by: Angelica

Fall 2014 My Little Pumpkin

Now Booking

My Little Pumpkin Photo Sessions

October 3 & 4, 2014

  • 20 minute session
  • 8 AMAZING poses
  • Up to 2 kids per session ($10 each add’l)
  • May bring COSTUME
  • $75 deposit to book session
  • No session fee
  • Limited appts available



1 – 8×10

7- 5×7

digital images included

Personalized Ordering | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

Written by: Angelica

Angela Lynn Portraits Studio

There are several things we LOVE at our studio. One of our favorites is your viewing appointment.

We love being a part of showing you your portraits. When coming to our boutique studio, you get a one on one experience when choosing your portraits. We know it can be overwhelming to decide on your favorites and which products are best. We take time to sit with you and figure out what kind of “Portrait person” you are: whether you like the collage look or the “WOW with 1″ approach. Sometimes you will have so many favorites it’s hard knowing if albums, files or prints are the best way to go. Also, since everything we do is pretty much custom, we love coming up with new and different ideas on how you can display your portraits.

Did I mention we have a HUGE screen to see these amazing portraits on? All we’re missing is the popcorn! :)

- Angela Lynn Portraits

Santa Portraits | San Antonio Newborn Portraits

Written by: Sarah

November 15 & 16    $35

Every year we look forward to Santa and this year will be no exception. Santa portraits are November 15 & 16, Saturday & Sunday. They are $35 session fees with packages starting at $169. We also have fun items like collages & holiday card options.

They are filling up fast, so be sure to call to get your time!

Studio Tip: Pajamas are ADORABLE!! & have the kids bring their christmas list to give to Santa, he loves talking to them about it! See you then!

Meet Alice | San Antonio Baby Photographer

Written by: Angelica


Meet Alice, the sweetest 2 month old little girl.

Eyelashes resting on pouty cheeks

Ten precious toes on two precious feet

From head to toe, from toe to head

The world’s most precious angel

Lies sleeping in your bed.

– Crystal Dawn Perry

Meet Kenzie | San Antonio Child Photographer

Written by: Angelica


Meet Kenzie. She joined us with her family to celebrate her first ever promotion: Big Sister! She was so excited that she couldn’t contain herself, joyously posing for the camera like a pro. At a mere 3 years old, she packed a lot of spunk. She was so much fun to have at the studio. We’re sure her future sibling will enjoy her sparkle.