Santa Mini-Sessions

Santa Mini-Sessions this weekend | San Antonio photographer

Clients look forward to it all year long and it’s here! Santa Mini-Sessions are happening this weekend. Everyone has been so excited to see the set and we just revealed it and I will say…it is pretty amazing!! This set really feels like the best one we have ever done because of all the crafting and hard labor we put into it.  Brianna, one of our assistants, made every one of those envelopes and wrapped every gift.  A lot of time went into this and it was worth every second. We are on our way to a great weekend.

Santa Mini-Sessions
2015 Santa Mini-Sessions at Angela Lynn Portraits

We love being able to see all the old faces and meet new ones.  It’s such a gift to be a part of a tradition with our clients families. If you have never visited us for Santa Mini-Sessions, this is definitely the one to do! We look forward to this event all year long and our kids look forward to seeing Santa. So many of them bring him their christmas lists and they grow up with him. Because we specialize in children, we know exactly how to handle when the kids have a small fear of Santa, and we still get amazing shots!! Parents can even jump in to do a family portrait. Makes a great addition to the session  mostly if you are going to do holiday cards. We have print and file options along with some fun goodies.

Aside from our Santa Mini-Sessions. we also do fun mini-sessions in the spring, for Easter. For those sessions we include baby bunnies in the shots! If you aren’t already on our mailing list make sure to send us your information so you can be one of the firsts to receive our notifications.

We have 2 appointments left if anyone wants to jump in last minute!! Happy Holidays ya’ll!!



Retouching is something, over the years, that has turned into an art form, no portrait is complete without. Retouching is something that we do not charge for, and ironically enough, it is what we spend most of our days doing. Pixel by pixel, image by image. We zoom so far into the portraits and edit things that clients never even know about. For example, a bent tree branch in the background, a photo bomb from a friendly bird, or even just an extra hair out of place. Most of the time we see things and just simply want them to look the best they can. Here is an example of some before and afters of some typical edits at the studio.




Honoring the babies, the pregnancies and the life.

Infant Loss

We have met so many amazing Moms & Dads that have gone through the heartbreak of losing a child.
We always have admired their strength and perseverance.
As families grow & time goes on, the heart is left to carry those memories.
Schedule a consultation to discuss a portrait art piece, to ensure they are never forgotten.

Be on the look out!


You won’t want to miss this! Our first ever Black Friday Event. I can’t give you too much information – that would spoil the surprise!! But…I can tell you…that we’ve never done ANYTHING like this before. So, if you want to make sure you are one of the first to receive this update, make sure we have your email. If you don’t already get our upcoming events and specials, just go HERE, to get on the list!

oh, and by the way, this is by email invitation only!!! It will not be posted on Facebook, or our blog. Cant wait!!!!


Drum roll please…..

Announcing, our bonus gift for Santa Sessions 2015. It is a gift from us with the purchase of one of our most popular bundle combinations. This one is going to top them all!!! Introducing the Video Card. It is a combination of a portrait slideshow and a holiday card. We are super excited about this one and couldn’t wait any longer to show you!! Hope you enjoy it!

Be sure to come see us for Santa this year, so you can get one of these for yourself!

September Special

Fall is for families! For the month of September, on location family session fees are $75.

We go to locations all over San Antonio and can help find the perfect one for your session. Clothing can also be an overwhelming topic, we can set up a consultation at our studio to help answer any of your questions.
-Angela Lynn Portraits