…and then our favorite part, portrait pickup day!! | Angela Lynn Portraits San Antonio, TX

We get as excited as our clients do when it’s Pickup Day. Just like unwrapping Christmas gifts, it’s exciting and emotional and you just find yourself wanting to stand back and stare at the pieces.  Here is a family session at one of our favorite locations. Before she came and picked up, I had to snap a shot real quick – I just love all of her pieces so much.  Mom gets an A+ for styling!!

This is one of our Gallery Blocks, a 3-dimensional solid wood collage that goes on the wall unframed. You’ll also notice our USB towards the bottom, files have been getting so popular. The desire for files is a cross between; wanting to have the images forever, wanting to share them with family, and wanting to not be limited to the possibilities of your walls. You can add anything to your walls whenever you want.




Grab your suitcase, we’re going to the beach!! | Beach Portraits 2016

Portraits on North Padre – July 2nd & 3rd

San Antonio is only 3 hours from the beach, so why not?? Family portraits is the thing that falls to the bottom of the list, and I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love family portraits with the sunsets. We are going July 2nd and 3rd. The session fee is $150 is due when booking. Since this is out of town the session fee is non-refundable.

Wall portraits are the most popular items from beach portraits, and when you have so many favorites, our albums are the go to.

Share with friends and family!

Lets all go get some sun!!




Texas Bluebonnets | Angela Lynn Portraits

If there’s one thing Texas is, it’s proud of our Bluebonnets!

We anxiously wait through the months to see what kind of bloom there will be and this year did not disappoint!

Although the rain wanted to have it’s own say…

Luckily after a few times of having to reschedule -SORRY- our sessions came out amazing.




See you next year Bluebonnets!!

-Angela Lynn Portraits

THATS A WRAP! 2016 Bunners

Bunny weekend 2016 was a huge success. Great weather, adorable kiddos and our assistants got smart and finally wore kneepads!! 😉 We love being able to watch our studio babies grow up and see how they have changed and developed their own personalities. Thanks for letting us be a part of your life!!

When it comes to Easter portraits with our baby bunnies, I think this is our favorite Easter set yet. Incase of bad weather we always have our studio, but we always hope and hope for beautiful weather and this was probably the best. Cool, breezy and not too sunny! Photographers dream.


It’s a Senior thang!!/ San Antonio Senior Photographer

Senior sessions are in effect!! Meet Laura! She is as beautiful in real life as she is in these portraits. The crazy thing, is that I photographed her boyfriend’s senior pics about a year ago and his were so amazing, I was hoping I could top those. Well, I think I did!! What was so cool, is that they both stopped by the studio one day on the fly to see that we had printed a huge banner of her. Usually we print the best of the best for our banners once a month. When I am done, I gift the banner to my client. But my favorite part is when they come by to take a “selfie” with their banner!!

BUNNIES – The studio film | Easter mini-sessions

We always dream big, and want to share so much with all of our clients. We finally got around to having some fun creative time and made a fun video of our Bunny Weekend. Easter mini-sessions happen every year, and is our second biggest event of the year, next to Santa.


Our Bunny weekend is happening March 5th & 6th, session fees are $35. Call the studio to set up yours. 210-265-5195

Getting creative with Canvas


Sometimes you have so many favorites that you just don’t know what to do with them! The product of the year – decade even – has always been Canvases. It might be it’s seamless lines or its ability to go with any style that makes these products such a hit. Here is an example of an arrangement of gallery wrapped portraits. There are no rules to design and this style lends itself perfectly to being able to add on as your family grows.

Happy Decorating!!


Baby Bunny Mini-Sessions on March 5th | San Antonio Photographer

If your familiar with our studio, you know we do two HUGE events every year; Santa & Easter. We love doing these mini sessions and look forward to them all year long. Baby bunny mini-sessions 2016 are going to be so much fun!!

We always say we would love to shoot the set before the actual day, well…this time we did it!! Here is a sneak peak at what the set for our 2016 Bunny sessions will look like!! We are so excited to show you our teepee set. Make sure you snag your spot before they are all taken up. We are doing the Baby Bunny Mini-Sessions on March 5th . The session fee is $35 and packages start at $169. Call to get yours!